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Biggie had Brooklyn, ISA's got the hook in.

(Verse 1)
Peter Lorimer, big name in the game,
Star of "Stay Here", everybody knows his fame.

From Austin Poolpad to the DC Firehouse,
Brooklyn Brownstone, man, he's got the clout.

April twenty-three, he reached out to me,
Saw the potential, what Agent ISA could be.
Took a few emails, persistence on my end,
Finally got him nodding, thought we'd be more than friends.


(Verse 2)
Jemimah by his side, his trusted right hand,
Navigating the biz, making things grand.
She's the backbone, keeps things on track,
With her and Peter, there's nothing they lack.

Tried to set the calls, make our schedules align,
With Jemimah's touch, knew it'd be just fine.
But time's been elusive, slipping away,
Yet I know with her help, we'll find the right day.


Peter, Peter, Peter, can't you see?
Life's full of twists, turns, and little bends.
Took advice from Ferry, went with Sierra trends.

GGMS didn’t cut it, wasn’t the right fit,
Now he's looking back, thinking "Should've stuck with it."


(Verse 3)
Onboarding calls, we tried to synchronize,
But schedules clashed, saw it in his eyes.
He's a busy man, with a lot on his plate,
But I know we can help, before it's too late.

Tom Ferry's advice, no shade to the man,
But Agent ISA's got the master plan.

Quick on the draw, in five minutes or less,
We'll hit up those leads, put 'em to the test.

Notorious BIG vibes, I'm feeling the flow,
Peter, let's partner, and watch our success grow.

From the TV screen to the real estate scene,

Together we'll dominate, like a dream team unseen.


Peter, Peter, Peter, can't you see?
Life's full of chances, opportunities to take,
With Agent ISA, watch your success rate elevate.

We got the skills, the drive, and the dedication,

To bring you more deals, no hesitation.

So Peter, here's the pitch, straight from the heart,

Let's crush it together, hit the restart.
Qualified opportunities, deals left and right,
With Agent ISA, we'll make your future bright.

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